A successful artistic project is always the fruit of collaborations. Still it is necessary to surround themselves with the people with the skills adapted to each concept. The platform GENERARTIST aims to encourage and generate artistic partnerships by presenting to the project's holder a showcase of individual competences available.





Generate artistic collaborations and employment :

This is what GENERARTIST is all about! .

This collaborative tool was born from a simple question :

  • How to offer the initiators of artistic projects an efficient and intuitive way to choose their collaborations ?

    By presenting to them everything that words can't describe : Concrete realizations.

We then designed and developed a unique platform for skills research based on audiovisual content..

With a few key words, the user navigates, see and ear audiovisual content corresponding to the skills he is looking for. It's also possible to apply filters and refine the results, or access the complete profile of the person offering the artistic skill looked for

Each profile, whose URL is personalized, is dedicated to present the most representative audiovisual contents of the skill(s) offered, His description, formations, and a precise classification of each competence.

GENERARTIST is also responsible for bringing together and representing several artistic fields in order to increase the potential of interdisciplinary collaborations.

Thus, the talents of the following 6 artistic fields are represented :

Music  -  Dance  -  Cinema|Video  -   Theatrics  -  Visuals Arts  -  Circus Arts 


GENERARTIST | Offer your skills, collaborate.